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JUNKSPEED explores human motion in the metropolitan environment through an interplay of film, poetry and music. Inspired by the early twentieth century ‘City Symphony’ film genre and referencing the avant-garde developments on the intersection of psychology and geography, this series of city portraits dives into the everyday experience of our journeys in search for the new nature of public space. It slows down on the visual input that flickers daily through our eyes in an attempt to capture speed as an art that holds sculpture, rhythm and landscape together.
A five-volume series that travels the world exploring street life across a range of
contrasting environments, JUNKSPEED aims to open up a new dimension in the relationship between humanity and the spaces it inhabits. Volume I – Mexico City have previously been on view at Museum Villa Stuck, in Munich, and now it will be screened at SPÄTI for Open Week.

JUNKSPEED is a project by Fernando Ocaña who has currently moved back to Mexico City, his home town, after more than a decade of work abroad in Barcelona, Turin, Gothenburg, London, Oslo, Munich, Stockholm and Rotterdam. Fernando’s work explores the experience of motion and our interaction with the infrastructure of mobility.
“From A to B, we live in a constant state of transition. Landscape, speed and emotion flow under subconscious rhythms. Roads, machines and maps blend with notions of identity, destination and habitat. Commonly the territory of efficiency, transportation is also a stage for our encounters with the mysterious, the fascinating, the infuriating. A theatre of symbols, glimpses, gestures and blurred moments of interaction with travellers and infrastructure alike, our universe is movement.”



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