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Workshop 22/11 19:00-22:00

Venue: HDK

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Workshop, Class
Wednesday 22nd, 19:00-22:00
Language: English

Guest Professor Judith Seng and Senior Lecturer Fredric Gunve invite you to take part in a Shadow Course with the aim of creating future artistic and art based educations.

From the curriculum

1. Approval
TheBoard of the Faculty of Fine, Appliedand Performing Arts at the University of Gothenburg have not approved this curriculum
Several revisions to the curriculum has been made, but never presented to the board, published or shown in public.

2. Prerequisites
Admission to take part in a shadow course requires undocumented and independent approaches to the topic and content. Applicants will select themselves based on their ability and intention to take part in a shadow course.

3. A shadow course purposes
This course is about survival in a nearby future for everyone, non-humans and humans all included. The shadow course introduces methods and concepts of informal course activities that aim toward making transdisciplinary outcomes possible inside formal educations such as institutionalized art educations. This is of importance today when new ways of ethical and sustainable ways of living and understanding the world are needed for adapting to new environments and climates of the future. It does so by introducing itself as a parallel and informal shadow course that run along(in)side formal university courses infecting and changing them and its participants from within. By taking part in a shadow course the participants can act from an in-ground position (institution underground) within the frameworks of formal education and institutional art and art education. A shadow-course claim to make real experiments and change possible, and can help prepare and take part in creating futures.

4. Degree
Students who complete the program are given no degrees, certificates or diplomas.



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