University of Gothenburg

Reality Check: Design, Research and the Museum Object

Exhibition, 21/11 -26/11

Venue: Göteborgs Stadsmuseum / Göteborg City Museum

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Reality Check: Design, Research and the Museum Object

Göteborg City Museum

At a time when the factual uncertainty of the news we consume is becoming more apparent, MA design students from HDK present an exhibition in collaboration with the Museum of Gothenburg in which they explore how design methods can be used to explore the contemporary relevance of material artefacts. Using stories currently in the news, students have selected objects from the collections of the Museum of Gothenburg that resonate with the stories they have read. Taking the material reality of an artefact as their point of departure, the students explored how designers can use methods associated with visualization, choreography and assembly to generate knowledge about the social significance of museum artefacts.



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