University of Gothenburg

Tom Cubbin: What’s Natural?

Workshop 23/11 18:00

Venue: HDK

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What’s Natural?

Thursday 23rd, 18:00
Language: English

As part of the New Companionships exhibition, participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to discuss how and why we view materials as ‘natural’ or ‘unnatural.’ As a group, we will arrange some weird and wonderful materials in spatial constellations according to their naturalness, and uncover what ‘natural’ really means when it comes to materials.

No design skills are required.

Workshop with Tom Cubbins

Tom Cubbin is Senior Lecturer in Design Studies at the Academy of Design and Craft in Gothenburg, Sweden. He is the author of Critical Soviet Design: The Communist Surround at Senezh Studio (Bloomsbury: forthcoming). He has also published articles in a number of publications including Journal of Design History, Home Cultures and Dezeen. As an educator, Tom works with students across design disciplines at the juncture of design heritage and exploratory practice.




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