University of Gothenburg

Galleri Gupea

Exhibition, 20/11 - 25/11

Venue: HDK

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Galleri GUPEA

HDK, 506


Beyond F1 –
The schedulemaker


An exhibition on the design practice of schedules and schedule-making.

This small exhibition marks the end of the schedule as a material space for artistic expression at the academy.
In a retrospective exhibition Galleri GUPEA presents the schedule design practice of graphic designer and pedagog Pascal Prosek.

The exhibition also speculates on the future of schedule-making in the academy and beyond.

Galleri GUPEA is a research space for exploring and displaying institutional entanglements and academic infrastructures. Galleri GUPEA is concerned with the documents, artifacts, architecture, guidelines, curricilumns etc. that make up the institution.



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