University of Gothenburg

City fables: Follow the money

Exhibition, 20/11 - 25/11

Venue: Universitetsbyggnaden, Vasaparken

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City fables: Follow the money


Animation on loop

City Fables: Follow the Money studies, exposes and counter-narrates the public and private narratives that frame city life in Malmö from a local and global perspective. Using the “fable” as organising metaphor, it inhabits the shadowland between fiction and documentary, while mapping and counter-mapping the current capitalist place production and the language of financialisation capitalism. The film “Is there Swedish Coffee in Panama?, one of four films, addresses the politics of transfer pricing.

Researchers and script writers: Erling Björgvinsson and Ida Börjel
Director and animator: Hanna Sköld
Editor: Patrik Forsell



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