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Feminist Futures of Spatial Practice

BOOK LAUNCH + TALK 21/11 17:00


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Feminist Futures of Spatial Practice;
Materialism, Activism, Dialogues, Pedagogies, Projections

Tuesday 21/11 17:00-17:30 + questions
SPÄTI is open until 23.00
VENUE: OW SPÄTI, Brogatan 2

Architecture and the arts have long been on the forefront of socio-spatial struggles, in which equality, access, representation and expression are at stake in our cities, communities and everyday lives. Feminist spatial practices contribute substantially to new forms of activism, expanding dialogues, engaging materialisms, transforming pedagogies, and projecting alternatives. Feminist Futures of Spatial Practice traces practical tools and theoretical dimensions, as well as temporalities, emergence, histories, events, durations – and futures – of feminist practices.

Authors include international practitioners, researchers, and educators, from architecture, the arts, art history, curating, cultural heritage studies, environmental sciences, futures studies, film, visual communication, design and design theory, queer, intersectional and gender studies, political sciences, sociology, and urban planning. Established as well as emerging voices write critically from within their institutions, professions, and their activist, political and personal practices.

Feminist Futures of Spatial Practice deepens and broadens how we can understand and engage with different genders, bodies and peoples, diverse voices and forms of expression, alternative norms and ways of living together.

SPÄTI, hosted by Studio NOCK, welcome you to a presentation of the book and the project by one of the authors: Sara Brolund de Carvalho.

Feminist Futures of Spatial Practice will be sold for a discount price during the event!




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