University of Gothenburg

Bar Hund at Viktors Kaffe

Exhibition, 20/11 -26/11

Venue: Viktors Kaffe

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Bar Hund at Viktors Kaffe

Viktors Kaffe

@ Bar Hund you have the opportunity to have a personal relationship with what is being exhibited. Grab a beer and have a chat while sitting in a studio produced chair surrounded by objects made by students and alumi from Swedish design and art schools. If something catches your eye you also have the opportunity to make a purchase.

Bar Hund is a pilot project of Designbaren witch aims to create a platform for studio produced design that blurs the boundaries of design, craft and art.

For more information visit us at or at [email protected]

Opening night November 18th 19:00 – 23:00

Kim Björnson
Carl Martinson
Markus Bergström
Maja Rödström
Filip Ganzales
Carl Lindblad
Oskar Gustavsson
Amanda Nordqvist
Matz Engdahl & Jonatan Appelfeldt
Mirjam Hemström
Terese Molin
Sara Henriksson
Klara Granstrand
Linn Schildt
Joel Stenabb
Nils Bengtson Blomstrand
Amanda Andresson
Filip Forsman



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