University of Gothenburg

Philippa Stenmarker

The Visualisation of Power

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The power struggle of authorities is something that is not visible until the immediate interaction between the two. The angle on this week of loose making, creating different objects that connect with our chosen artefact, is trying to visualize the connections of power. I´ve drawn parallels to the family ties which is described in the chosen article. By doing a 3D mind map, the idea was to visualize the connections of power and the fact that someone is always in the power position over another human in this constellation.

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The ways of discovering this certain area was to think by the intuition of making.

This led to an idea of showing your rank in the power hierarchy, which ended up in a collection of rings that would show the power of the user to the people in the surroundings of the wearer. The ring could by its material and levels show your status in the context of your hierarchy ring.

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This led me to do a literal visual model of the power of speech which is also an ability that varies in different groups of the society.



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