University of Gothenburg

Nathalie Dackelid

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After evaluating the news story and studying the police helmet I found a few similarities between the two cores in this project. Both gangs and the police force has symbols in their uniform that signals a sign of power or hierarchy. Gangs might have tattoos or a certain way of dressing to show what group they belong to, the same goes for the police uniform. The objects that I found inspiration from was a name badge that I had when I was working in a store. When I was wearing the tag, I felt that I had a great responsibility and that me and my colleges where united when we had the badge on us. I also brought a bandanna to resemble in a generalizing way the symbolic with a gang’s uniform. The final items that I found inspiration from was a condom and a self-defense spray where it stands for protection and that you can either feel protection from the police or you feel protected of the gangs and the area you live in.

Word such as power – uniform – armor ended up in what symbols of power that are found in fashion came up. With those words and inspiration of the ornamented helmet I have worked with decoration and a statement of enhanced shoulders mean in different contexts. How can I show authority the way I dress? This project is a statement of gender, power and how we choose to show our own power.


The first outcome of this project was different shoulder accessories in paper and other materials with different decoration.



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