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Märta Louise

The First Cut

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The Collection

Pain is one of the first things a human feel when entering life through her mother.
I wanted to explore this feeling and pain that bursts in to life and to living.

My collection was used as an fysical moodboard that I gathered through thoughts
about the midwifes tools and assignment. In this collection I found myself adding
a small ceramic shell that reminded me of a vagina. As a plant grows, so did my idea
of having life growing inside.


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The Structure

The fysical exhaustion and emotions the mother feels when giving birth to her child,
can be related to all the items in the midwifes first aid kit. However, this moment of
pain is also a bittersweet mixture of misery, expectation and joy.

With this as an inspiration in my work I wanted to visualize the first cut as the first
meeting between a mother and a child. Where the shell symbolizes the mother and
the little sprout the life of a child. The pair of scissors is a paralell of the midwifes
assignment – to deliver this life into the world and to do that, cut the child from its

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The Result

I related my concept with a poem of Karin Boye, “Ja visst gör det ont”, which
explains the emotions of when buds breaks into life.

Plants have an underlying sentence of being life and if so, wouldn’t they have
emotions of their own? Feeling pain, joy and misery through their existens? My
concept, “the first cut”, is based on above and collaborates with the thought of plants
being able to feel and the buds that burst from their seed symoblizes the burst of
giving birth.



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