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SEA CREATURES AND BEACH FINDINGS – proposals for a new park

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During a design residency at Art Inside Out in Falkenberg earlier this fall, we were asked by the municipality to make sketches for a new public park that is planned in the Krispeln quarter in Falkenberg. At the end of the residency we presented a visual concept for the space, focusing on a family area, in collaboration with Gothenburg-based architect Simon Poulsgaard.

We work mostly with the public sector. As part of our design and research process we are interested in understanding the internal planning process of the municipality when designing public space. We are especially interested in the potential and possibilities of closer collaboration between the fields of design, architecture and craft as well as influencing decision-makers to put more effort in space designed for children and families. But how?

The result of our residency project is a vast material of research, interviews, sketches, models, prototypes and workshop material that we will now figure out how to present on a project website, in collaboration with designer Baptiste Guesnon.

Some of the material will be published here in no real logical order, as a few examples of Byggstudio´s work process.

Text by Byggstudio

● BYGGSTUDIO is a Swedish-Norwegian design studio founded in 2006 by graphic designers Hanna Nilsson & Sofia Østerhus. Byggstudio works with both commissioned and self-initiated projects focusing on three-dimensional graphic design in public space and environments. ➤ Website

● ART INSIDE OUT is an organisation that promotes professional creative activity and cultural development based on the concept of residencies in all genres and art forms. ➤ Residency: Skapa drömmar – forma platser

❐ Header Image: Skrea strand in Falkenberg

❐ Image: The Krispeln quarter, that will be turned into a new park

❐ Image: Playground sketch by Tova (10 years old), from idea workshop at the library in Falkenberg



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