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She’s a Show – A Feminist Platform

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She’s a Show – a feminist platform

The project SHE’S A SHOW is a digital audiovisual platform to investigate and exchange feminist aesthetics in the Nordic region. The group consists of Mette Moestrup (DK), Poet – Miriam Karpantschof (DK), Composer & Musician – and Hanna Bergman (SE/DK), Digital Designer.

The project includes the involvement of women in technology* in relation to the issue of feminist aesthetics as an activist expression. We aim for the inclusion of women in the field of digital design, audio- and video making with an intention of reaching out to a variety of audiences.

*Participating Visual Artists:
Ivalo Frank (DK/GL), Artist, Visual Anthropologist | Miriam Haile (DK/NO/ER), Artist, Digital work | Sasha Hüber (CH/HT/FIN), Visual Artist | Anja Høvik Strømsted (NO), Filmmaker and Poet | Helene Nymann (DK), Visual Artist | Angela Rawlings (CA/ISL), Poet, Interdisciplinary Artist and Eco-Critic | Anna Roy Winder (DK/DE), Art Student at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.

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We will give a talk Thursday 23rd, 17–20 at Night School, HDK ➤ event

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❐ Header Image: Screen stills of SHE’S A SHOW

❐ Videostill x2: White Milk from the Evil Breast

❐  Image x3: Screen stills of SHE’S A SHOW

❐  Image x1: Mobile version of SHE’S A SHOW

Curatorial Selection: Hanna Bergman

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