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SHE’S A SHOW – Reference Research Materials

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SHE’S A SHOW – Reference Research Materials

● SHE’S A SHOW is a feminist platform for production and investigation of present women in technology (European). We’re inspired by both present and new upcoming female creatives, some of their work is also displayed on our platform. For instance the typefaces Infinite by Sandrine Nugue and Impact Nieuw by Jung-Lee is in play on the platform. ► Navigation: Scroll Down

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Sandrine Nugue is a Paris based Graphic & Type Designer who creates retail & custom typefaces, identities, publications and signage. ➤ website

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Jung-Lee Type Foundry is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands started from a collaborative type project Jungka between Karel Martens and Jungmyung Lee. Jungmyung Lee is an independent Graphic & Type Designer whose work is extended to a project-based performance. ➤ website

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Anne Büttner Creative Direction and Graphic Design, Berlin. ➤ website

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❐ Header Image: Sandrine Nugue

❐ Image x3: Sandrine Nugue

❐ Image x3: Jung-Lee

❐ Image x4: Anne Büttner

Curatorial Selection: Hanna Bergman



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